the HTC Tube
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Thread: the HTC Tube

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    the HTC Tube

    This Time itís an HTC with a Cartridge

    Antoine Brieux has an HTC fixation and I totally support his fascination. His HTC Tube concept is a killer as far design and specs go. Itís basically about splitting the phone into two segments, an outer shell and the inner cartridge. What this means is three variations (8, 16 & 64GB) are symmetric, but when it comes to the tech specs, it all depends upon the cartridge fitted. Feast on the beauty while I pray that HTC has a big enough heart to admire this concept!

    ...function can't coffee without in the morning. =)

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    I remember something like this several years ago, the phone looked like a lego brick, with 'add ons' cant for the life of me find it anywhere, Im sure there was a thread here about it.
    The above phone does look rather sleek mind..

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    Looks very slim, but it feels like Xperia 10 and 12 :S

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