The exec also described an upcoming Wii title called Pandora's Tower, the which is nearing the end [of development... we are scheduled to launch this title in the early half of this year. RS 07 Gold Also announced was a version of Rhythm Heaven for Wii -- Nintendo apparently saw added potential for the popular, quirky DS rhythm game for the living room. When you see others play with the game and notice that he or she misses out on being perfectly in rhythm, it can also be surprisingly fun, says Iwata. We feel that there's got to be different attractions on Rhythm Heaven when you play it with a TV monitor. Nintendo also has more left to do on Wii with its pink Kirby character, too, following last year's launch of Kirby's Epic Yarn, an unusual take on the brand: It's been a while since we launched the previous home console version of the Kirby game where Kirby can inhale enemies, spit them out and morph, but a team at Hal Laboratory, Inc. is developing a new Wii game from the Kirby's Dreamland franchise now, Iwata revealed.When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed a plan last year to introduce a centralized payment system for the social network, dubbed Facebook Credits, many game developers were immediately wary of the proposal.That's because Facebook takes a 30 percent cut of developer revenues generated via Facebook Credits. It's arguably more convenient for users, as customers can buy the virtual money with their real cash and spend it across multiple Facebook apps, but developers are worried about the effect on their bottom line.Last April, Zuckerberg tried to sell the idea to a skeptical developer audience: Buy Runescape Gold You may not believe me when I say this. We are doing it for developers. This week, Facebook said it would do developers another favor by requiring them to adopt Facebook Credits beginning July 1.