Getting On With Making The GameWhile preproduction can be important, Lemarchand notes that it is equally important to allow the team to get right along when it comes to actually Buy RS Gold starting development: "The most important lesson that we took away from making Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was one we had to learn the hard way. We spent too long making plans and not enough time simply getting on and building things. This led to a crisis that resulted in a mid-project production reset. "We'd lost sight of the fact that theorizing about process and tools can only take you so far, and that it's only when you build something whether it's a game mechanic, a tool, or a level that you make the really valuable discoveries about what you're doing."When we set out to make Uncharted 2, we kept this idea at the forefront of our minds the whole time and it served us well. For example, we shifted our level design process away from paper layout and toward iterating on prototype levels in simple blockmesh geometry. Our game director and one of our game designers would first sketch out an experiential flow for the player. "The designer would rapidly build out an environment with a low level of detail to test on other team members, so we could see how navigable it was, what camera and line-of-sight issues arose, how long the experience would last, and so on. We would then start scripting interactive objects and placing enemies, and eventually give our art team the all clear to begin creating final art. "This approach let us build out the game's footprint very quickly, although it wasn't without some dangers: we ran the constant risk of becoming too committed to level designs that might need changes demanded by the maturing story."RS 3 Gold We thought on our feet about the order in which we should tackle our new and expanded gameplay systems, and started with the ones that would have the most wide-reaching effect on the game.