Back in 2004, Star Wars creator George Lucas announced plans to open a division of his company in the Asian country of Singapore, part of an aggressive campaign by the country to attract digital talent which has also brought Ubisoft and Koei to its doors.The office, which opened in 2005, is perhaps best known for its Lucasfilm Animation outpost, Old School RS Gold which has worked in depth on the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series. But a video game division was officially announced in 2007, alongside an office for Lucas-owned FX outfit Industrial Light and Magic.With the Singapore studio's profile relatively underexposed in the video game business, Gamasutra spoke to the studio's executive producer Gio Corsi, a Vancouver native who moved to Singapore in 2007 to run LucasArts Singapore.Along the way, he discussed the studio's wholly developed titles like Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Jedi Alliance and the DS version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Republic Heroes, the purpose of the studio for LucasArts as a company, what he thinks of the staff, and experiences working out of Asia. So you're in the Singapore studio. What's your role there?Gio Corsi: I'm the executive producer for the studio, so running the games team over there.How did you personally get involved in going to the Singapore studio?GC: Really, I just applied, honestly. I was a fan of Star Wars -- you know, as a little kid, you always want to work on Star Wars -- and I went and applied. They offered the position in Singapore, and I talked to the wife and said, "You want to go live in Singapore for awhile?" and within five seconds she said, "Sure. Let's do it."Where were you before?GC: Primarily in Vancouver. I was born and raised there, and I've worked at different companies up there, like Nexon, Propaganda, Mainframe (which is now Rainmaker), and, like many people, got my start at EA.You see a lot of companies opening Asian studios; a lot of them are doing it in China. Why Singapore?GC: Singapore's a great place to have the studio. I mean, one of the things that attracted me to Singapore was, Runescape Account A, it was a real good central location for all of Asia, and it's a good draw for talent in that region because it is a kind of center point for people to kind of glom to. We just have such a rich diversity of talent there -- not only from Asia alone, but from all over the world.