Uploading Photos Via Infrared
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Thread: Uploading Photos Via Infrared

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    Dekker Lawtz

    Uploading Photos Via Infrared

    I've recently bought a 535 (O2 pay as you go) and I'm really pleased with it. The only thing that disappoints is the ability to upload images/sounds from the mobile to my PC using infrared. Does anybody know whether this is possible?

    Using the supplied BVRP Mobile Phone Tools software, the mobile connects flawlessly allowing me to synchronise contacts & emails, surf the net, etc. Using Win98 SE's 'Infrared Recipient' software, I can also download images onto the mobile but not vise-versa.

    It seems very stange that certain types of data are not allowed to be transmitted by the phone, yet the very same types of data can be received!

    I've contacted O2 about this and they have told me that this is 'a feature of the handset' and that I should contact Philips.

    Can anyone shed any light on this and/or perhaps offer a solution?


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    You can send/receive by IRda, one by one, your personnal pictures/melodies.

    Using Win98 SE's 'Infrared Recipient' software, you must transfert images onto the mobile AND vise-versa (!!! size<50Ko !!!).

    BVRP allow to send pictures, only from PC to mobile, one by one too.

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    Dekker Lawtz
    Thanks for the info Philips_LMS!

    Are you saying that you can only send images (from the mobile) that have previously been sent from the PC?

    Just to clarify the problem - I can download images onto the mobile using the 'Infrared Recipient' software, but I can't upload images (i.e. the ones taken by the built-in camera) onto the PC - I keep getting a 'Transmitting' then 'Failed' message.

    Incidentally, I'm using a SigmaTel IRDA-USB device which connects perfectly with my Jornada 720 - no data send/receive problems at all!


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    You can send all except "Standard pictures", and receive all pictures from PC (if size < 50ko)

    To send your photos taken with the camera, you need to select in picture album your photo, then option : send by infrared -> on the pc you should have a popup box, asking Yes/No to save picture on PC.

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    Dekker Lawtz
    Thanks once again for your help. Unfortunately, the method you describe is the one I've been trying. However, you mention a popup box asking Yes/No - I've never seen this appear.

    Perhaps this is at the root of the problem, i.e. since as I've not responded to the request (because I haven't seen it), the transmission times out - hence the 'transmitting' and 'failed' message on the mobile. Do you think this likely?

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    Try to Install Microsoft Irda Drivers : http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...BBB4/W95IR.EXE

    Or maybe by installing IrCOMM2k can solve your problem :

    Have no problem with that, but I am on XP ...

    Hope it will be helpfull :-)

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    Dekker Lawtz
    No luck I'm afraid!

    Perhaps I've missed something? Has a network got to be set up (pc to phone) first?

    The most puzzling thing is that data can be sent to the phone no problem, but not from it.

    Thinking about it again, it's either a tranmission fault with the phone (faulty phone?) or a reception fault with the PC (software drivers, configuration?). Then again, it might just be that the IRDA device is not compatible with the phone.

    Has anyone (else) successfully uploaded images images form their phone to their PC under Win98 SE using a SigmaTel USB-IRDA device?

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    Same problem here under Windows XP this time. And I've heard of an other user facing the same problem. The SigmaTel USB-IRDA adapter seems to be the culprit.

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    Dekker Lawtz
    Thanks for the feedback - Unless SigmaTel release some better drivers, it looks like I'm going to have to buy a different adapter.

    Can anyone recommend a compatible USB-IRDA device?

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    This one work fine for me : MA620

    Take a look here
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    Dekker Lawtz

    Smile XP is the answer!

    Firstly - a big thanks to all who have given me some guidance over this issue.

    Although I haven't determined the exact cause of the problem, I do have a solution - use Windows XP!

    A brief account of my findings (for anyone who's interested) is as follows:

    1. Data cannot be transferred to the PC from the 535 mobile using 'Infrared Recipient', Win98 SE and the SigmaTel IRDA-USB device - the 'Receiving Files' window (or WHY) doesn't appear and the transfer times out. However data can be sent from the PC to the phone.

    2. Annoyingly, a Sony Erricsson (A800?) can transfer files (both ways) without any problems what-so-ever. Even more annoying was that this was acheived within as many seconds as I'd spent trying with the 535.

    3. On my brother-in-law's laptop running Win XP (Home Ed) - using the same IRDA dongle - data can be successfully transferred to/from the 535. Hurrah!

    4. I'm going to buy XP!

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    How can download photos from samsung x660 to PC.

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