View Full Version : E700 "Voice server not entered" ? Anyone help

16-01-2004, 13:55
I have posted about 15 times tonight trying to help others but now I need help pleeeeze!
Anyone know what this is. Press and hold number 1 key gets you "Voice server not entered". I know it cant be used for speed dial (well it can I woopsed on my wifes E700) so what is it exactly?

Also... is it possible to change message alerts to anything other than the default ones?
Ta :confused:

16-01-2004, 13:57
This is supposed to be the number of vour voicemail. Key 1 is reserved for it on almost all phones

16-01-2004, 14:04
Ohh.. is that all. I thought it was going to be something much more interesting.
Thanks heaps.