View Full Version : Wifi on non-wifi phone

22-05-2005, 20:27
Could it be, that a phone that doesn't have an basic wifi feature could be upgraded or something like that.So you can put a wifi feature in it?

22-05-2005, 22:08
Not that I would know of, theres just no interface; only chance is to buy a PDA w/ wifi & CF-card slot & buy a GSM-module to fit to CF, I didn't get to deep into it, maybe there are already additional interfaces than only CF

22-05-2005, 22:13
N-AFAIK But that would be cool if you could edit hardware like you can do with software :D

22-05-2005, 22:21
XC No problem so far, just know whats going on on the board, solder whatever you need to the right place & write & flash a new BIOS then, I wish I knew enough about electronics to do so...