View Full Version : how can i create a mobile virus??

17-10-2004, 19:35
are there any sites that u can download ready virus?

17-10-2004, 19:37
are there any sites that u can download ready virus?
God knows why you would want that, but when you find one please send one to Ronka and another one to Bart ;)

17-10-2004, 19:43
just asking if u have any idea man, i wat to try for curiosity thats only :O)

17-10-2004, 19:54
mweb6161, oh gosh! hahahah ... :lol: :lol:
spawn, i don't know why you want that but try google and type virus or something :lol:

17-10-2004, 20:56
i did it but they are not giving to u ready virus,just instructions, i will give a try,nothing to lose, thanks man

17-10-2004, 21:03
^Just be sure your anti-virus is on cus you don't know what kind of virus you'll encounter or worse, a worm virus.

17-10-2004, 21:05
Uhh I don't think they are any. You could always code something that would screw something up by deleting all the files or w/e.

I know there is a virus for Windows Mobile devices though or maybe the version of Win CE they use in PDAs, can't quite remember.

17-10-2004, 21:48
Creating a virus can be a crime, you better be careful... Besides I have the power to report you. :)

17-10-2004, 21:53
Creating a virus can be a crime, you better be careful... Besides I have the power to report you. :)
what the Dunganator :lol: ill be back!! :D

17-10-2004, 23:41
There are some virusses around for symbian, but made by antivirus company's just to test how secure symbian is.
But I fear, as symbian gets popular and popular by day, we will see some active virusses next year... :(
It's just to write code the same way as on computers virusses, but a little bit more difficult because symbianphones are more different than computers. But if you are good in C++ programming...

There is allready a anti-virus program available for symbian...

18-10-2004, 01:32
And why exactly is this in the Nokia section?

18-10-2004, 02:03
Why would anyone want a virus? I know it sounds melodramtic but you really can destroy peoples lives with them - I know. My dissertation was all backed up on my PC (Research etc) and lo and behold we got a virus. All my research and write up GONE! I had saved a bit, but most of it went. You gotta think about what you're doing with these things, cause they just aren't funny.

18-10-2004, 13:32
If you wanna screw up your phone, just drop it in a pool... why create a virus? :D

18-10-2004, 15:58
are there any sites that u can download ready virus?

wtf! :rotate: :super:

18-10-2004, 16:54
- Search for cabir virus (caribe.sis): This is a test virus that does not harm the device it just copies itself via bluetooth from phone to phone.
- Download it, use the program "Unmakesis" to unpack the sis archive.
- Look at the code and program your own virus (only possible if you've got programming experience with symbian).

Anyway - there is no "make-your-own-virus"-tool or sites with viri because there is only 1 virus known for S60 and its that cabir...

07-02-2005, 12:14
SPAWN, why dont we chat?

07-02-2005, 12:15
Shiranai, why dont we chat?

07-02-2005, 12:49
You should really ask Nokia, they´re the experts. I remember when they sent invitations out by SMS or MMS, whatever.. anyway LOTS of Nokia phones just seized up and had to be sent to service! :D :D
EDIT: Found the link: http://www.golem.de/0403/30188.html

07-02-2005, 15:08
Where's the fun in knackering somebodys phone up? Don't you kids look at porn instead, or something? :confused:

07-02-2005, 21:39
spawn when u'll create ur first one send a post here so we can keep out of ur virus...

eh eh eh eh

NOKIA 6630
08-02-2005, 05:57
Whats the point of sending a virus what a stupid thing to do?